The secret way to get a job even though you don’t have a degree yet

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  • Are you still in school?
  • Are you lacking the qualifications needed on paper while actually having the necessary skills?

What Do Companies Want?

Before I tell you the secret, let’s first cover why companies hire employees in the first place. They do so because they have tasks and projects that need to be completed. Who should they hire then? Well, it’s actually quite simple. …

A student-turned-developer’s reflections on the stark contrast between the software industry and universities

road disappearing into misty woods
road disappearing into misty woods
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In this article, I will share with you some of the experiences that I have had while working in the software industry and how these situations differ from what I have experienced at college.

Out of the numerous ways that exist to learn programming, college degrees are often very highly rated and respected in society, and it is a path that many people take. Some people think that college is the only way to make a good career. I disagree with that.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not dislike college. Actually, I am in the middle of studying for…

Thoughts on how software development is a creative activity and why it makes you better when problem-solving

Paint brushes and a blank notebook
Paint brushes and a blank notebook
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“Software engineering is one of the most creative fields of work.” — Someone at the office

Recently, I overheard someone mention that software engineering is among the most creative fields of work. This struck me as odd, as I had never before considered programming to be a creative task. I had always thought of creative people as those who are able to create beautiful art or come up with amazing story plots, whereas programmers are only able to express themselves in terms of rectangles and straight edges. …

Easy to understand guide to help you understand the visitor pattern and double dispatch with concrete examples.

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You will be presented with clear explanations of both topics as well as intuitive examples and code snippets. As always, I have included screenshots from the IDE as well as made a public git repository where you can access all the code referenced in the article. The code is also included in the article as Github Gists.

Overview of the article

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of double dispatch
  • Explanation of the visitor pattern
  • Important note — what are good use cases of the visitor pattern?
  • Summary

Explanation of double dispatch

Double dispatch is a language feature that makes it possible to call different functions dynamically depending on the runtime type…

Beginner data science project guide using data from League of Legends

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The first time I made a bar chart I could not immediately figure out how to add labels to the bars. Especially the horizontal bar charts were troublesome for me. So don’t worry if you also cannot make it work. In this post you will learn how this is done along with some tips and tricks for styling the diagram.

NOTE: If you only need to see how to add labels you can skip to the section: Creating bar charts with labels. …

When to use lists and when to use sets

You will learn about the differences between lists and sets in this article. You will also see a practical example where a set performs far better than a list does.

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This post has the following structure:

  • Why lists are cool and also uncool
  • Why sets are uncool and also cool
  • A practical example showing differences
  • Summary and goodbyes

Why lists are cool and also uncool

The python list is a pretty cool data structure that has a lot of functionality. You might already be using lists, but do you know what makes python lists special? Compared to other programming languages Python lists allow give you a…

A beginner’s guide to lists in dictionaries inside lists in dictionaries…

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In this short guide you will learn how you can access data that is deeply nested in python’s lists and dictionary data structures.

You might have met the following errors while working with JSON data:

KeyError: 0
TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str

This guide includes the following:

  • Basics of indexing dictionaries and lists
  • An example of how you would extract nested data
  • An example of how you would extract nested data with…

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My results after exactly 1 month: 550+ views, 250+ reads and a job!

In this article I share my Medium stats for my first month and in the end I explain how my writing landed me an awesome data science job! With this story I hope to inspire you to begin your own journey and pursue the dreams that you have. Because it will probably turn out much better than you could ever imagine.

Exactly 1 month

Yesterday, September the second, was the 1 month mark for my writing journey here on Medium, which began with my article: Starting my machine learning journey!

If you had asked me back then what I expected would come of…

Motivation for why data science is the best area of work in the world.

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You will enjoy this article if you are curious about data science and whether or not it is right for you. Or if you already are a data scientist and just want to hear your profession be showered with compliments and words of fascination.

Data science is an awesome area of work because:

It is like searching for treasure with a treasure map.

Yeah. Seriously!
When doing data science you feel like a detective or an explorer searching for clues and hints. For me, that is extremely thrilling. You know that the data in front of you contains useful information, and it is up to you to find out what it…

Don’t be frightened by the .data suffix, it is easier than you would think!

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You will learn how to use the data sets from UCI that come with the .data file type in this quick article.

Where can data be found? is a great choice for finding data to use in your data science projects. The site is filled with interesting data sets, notebooks from other scientists and tutorials. All the data sets I have encountered on Kaggle have been .csv files, this is very convenient when working with pandas.

You might wonder (at least I did) if Kaggle is the only place where data can be found.

It is not!

You will also find awesome data…

Jacob Toftgaard Rasmussen

I explore the wonderful world of software engineering. I write guides, informative articles and silly projects ;) — Keep learning!

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